Track Your Order

Track Your Order

You may track your order status with the URL link included in your Shipped Order Confirmation email or, for registered users, from the "My Orders" section of My Account. If a tracking number is not provided, Contact Us by email to request one. To speak with a Contact Fill representative, please call our Customer Service team at 1-866-234-1393, hours: 8 a.m.-9 p.m.

What Do Our Order Statuses Mean?

When you submit an order through Contact Fill, online or by phone, we process your order through a series of steps to prepare it for shipping. Orders are assigned various statuses during this process, displayed within your account to allow you to monitor your order's progress.

Order Placed

Your order has been submitted and an order confirmation email has been sent.

Order Received

Your order has been accepted by our Order Processing department and processing has begun.

Customer Response Required

Your order cannot be completed without additional information from you. Contact Us for more details.

Prescription Verification

We are working on verifying the authenticity of your prescription.

Insurance Confirmation

Insurance coverage approval is pending.


Your order has been cancelled either at your request, or because the prescription could not be verified as valid.

Ready for Fulfillment

Your order is expected to ship within one business day or less.

Waiting for Fulfillment

Your order is expected to ship within 1-4 business days.

Fulfillment Delay

Shipment of your order has been delayed 5-15 business days, because an item(s) is a special order or is back ordered.

Ready for Shipping

Your order is expected to ship today.


A postage label is being generated for your order. Expect a Shipped Order Confirmation email shortly.


Your order has shipped and a Shipped Order Confirmation email has been sent.

Direct Shipped

Your order has been shipped directly to you from a contact lens manufacturer or distributor.