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Alcon Annual Supply Purchase Rebate Offers

$40 Offer

DAILIES TOTAL1® (eight 90-ct boxes)

DAILIES TOTAL1® Multifocal (eight 90-ct boxes)

DAILIES TOTAL1® for Astigmatism (eight 90-ct boxes)

$40 Offer

Precision1® (eight 90-ct boxes)

Precision1® for Astigmatism (eight 90-ct boxes)

$25 Offer

TOTAL30® (four 6-ct boxes)

TOTAL30® for Astigmatism (four 6-ct boxes)

To qualify, purchase an annual supply from Contact Fill and submit the claim within 60 days of purchase.

To submit your claim, visit Enter Contact Fill's approved Rebate Code, CONTACT-FILL, to start your rebate submission.

Valid only on purchases made January 1, 2023 through June 30, 2023. Terms and Conditions

For purchases made prior to January 1, 2023 please visit Rebate.AlconChoice.Com.

If you have questions about which Alcon program you qualify for, please call the Alcon Online Rebate line at 1-888-809-3164.